Because it can take weeks or even months to plot your hard drives, we offer you to create your plots with high performance servers. Those servers have the capacity to plot much faster than your average pc.

The finished plots can be downloaded directly onto your hard drives over the internet.

Yes we offer Portable Plots for Chia Pools. 

Linux and MacOS

To find your farmer and pool keys on Linux or MacOS you can use the following command.
chia keys show | grep 'Pool\|Farmer'



Finding your farmer and pool keys on Windows is a bit trickier.

  1. Open the Command Prompt Win+X by going to Start and typing cmd and pressing enter.
  2. Paste the following command in the line %APPDATA%/../Local/chia-blockchain/app-1.1.2/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/chia.exe keys show
  3. Never share your private keys, only public keys are safe to be shared. You will find your keys in the output.
  4. If you got an error on the first line you might be on an other version of chia application.
    1. To figure out which version you need type cd %APPDATA%/../Local/chia-blockchain/ followed by dir
    2. Hopefully you will see a version number that looks like app-1.0.5 or app-1.0.6 etc. Replace the version number in the command on line 2 and try it again.
    3. If nothing works shoot us a message and we will look over it together

Estimated time to download a plot:

50mbit – 4,7 hours/plot

100mbit – 2,4 hours/plot

500mbit – 28,5minutes/plot

Your plots will be saved on our storage servers for 5 days. If you have purchased more than 50 Plots, your plots get saved longer than 5 days.

After this period of time we have to overwrite your plots for other customers.

No, we are working completely independent.

Yes because we only need the farmer public key and pool public key, we don’t need any private information from you, so it’s secure.

We accept payments with PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chia.