Chia Plotting

Because it can take so long to plot your hard drive for chia mining, we offer you to plot it with dedicated high performance servers to immensely reduce the time. You can download the plots from our server, load them onto your hard drives and start farming Chia. 

Buy Plots

  • First plot in 6h
  • K-size = 32
  • 5 Day download retention / 20+Plots = 5 days+ retention
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free Support
  • compatible with        HPOOL


1,50€ / Plot

up to 50 plots

0,75€ / Plot

starting at 50 plots

Plots left
Next Plots available NOW!


Our high performance servers can generate up to 15TB per day


You can download the generated plots from our storage server and load them onto your hard drives


We do not need any private data from you either do we need your private key

How to get started

Get your pool plots as soon as possible

As soon as the chia pooling-protocol is released we offer plotting your pool-plots. Fill out this form and we will inform you when the service is available. 

already plottet

Do you need help? Just contact us.